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WAVE102 ~ Lesson 4: 2nd Desire Killer: Futile Thinking (video)
Hi, this is Noel. Today Denise is going to describe the 2nd Desire Killer, Futile Thinking, and I will go over the 4th example of 4-Step Bible study.
You can either read the Lesson or watch the video. To take notes either print out the Lesson, follow along in the book, or use a separate piece of paper to write out the answers to the questions below.
Desire Killer: Futile Thinking
If our thinking effects us in profound ways, it only stands to reason that certain kinds of thinking can effect us in negative ways. In Ephesians 4:17 God cautions us to avoid Futile Thinking.
Ephesians 4:17 So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. (NIV)
8. God cautions us to avoid

What is Futile Thinking? The word Futile implies that something is useless, vain, or that it leads nowhere. It is thinking that does not bear fruit. Futile Thoughts are Thoughts that lead you nowhere like "He who dies with the most toys wins," or "what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas."
9. Futile Thoughts lead you

Futile Thinking and Deceitful Desires (from WAVE101 Lesson 8) are both Desire Killers. Rather than strengthening your walk with God, they lead away from God. They focus your attention on substitutes for God that either promise help without delivering it or get you to espouse agreement with nonsensical ideas.
As you ponder the seven questions (from WAVE101 Lesson 11) it is important to notice places where you hesitate. Because those may be places where a Desire Killer is at work.
For example, if you hesitate on question three, "Do I want to do His will for my life," you might worry that God's will may interfere with a futile goal like wanting to die "with the most toys." Or, if you hesitate on question one, "Do I want to know God," you may worry that knowing God will interfere with some television watching--which could be a Deceitful Desire in that it promises rest and refreshment and often ends up fatiguing you.
As you continue pondering the seven questions, notice where you hesitate. Hesitations point you to what may be holding you back so you can do something about it.
Skill Time: 4-Step Bible Study (example 4)
This is the 4th example of 4-Step Bible study. Each time you give this a try, it will start to make a little more sense. Give it another try on this verse.
Psalm 34:18 The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all. (NASB)
Step 1: Facts ~ What do you see in the passage?

Step 2: Lessons ~ What can you learn from the passage?

Step 3: Challenges ~ Restate each Lesson as a question that challenges you

Step 4: Response ~ Write out how you respond to what God is saying to you

Watch the video or check the answers below to compare your answers with what we came up with.
Next time, Denise will go over verses that Orient Your Thinking and I'll give the 5th example of 4-Step Bible study.

If you are stuck, reply to this email and ask a question.


Fill ins

  1. Futile Thinking
  2. nowhere

Skill Time: Bible Passage (Your list can be different and shorter. More are presented here to help you get the idea.)


  • He is talking about the LORD and the brokenhearted
  • He is saying the LORD is near the brokenhearted
  • He saves those who are crushed in spirit
  • He is talking about afflictions
  • He is talking about the people of God ("the righteous")
  • The people of God have many afflictions
  • "But" the LORD delivers him out of them all


  • When I feel brokenhearted God is near to me
  • Whatever afflictions God allows me to go through, He will deliver me from


  • When I feel brokenhearted, can I believe God is near to me?
  • When I am in a trial, can I believe that God will deliver me from this trial?


  • Father, thank you for being there in the hard times. I pray you will strengthen me in my faith so that when things look dark, I know You are near and will deliver me.
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