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WAVE101 ~ Lesson 12: Surfacing your Desire (video)

Note: This is the last Lesson in WAVE101. To signup for WAVE102, click here.
Noel here. Today Denise is going to summarize how to surface your God-given Desire for Him and I will summarize all 4-Steps of devotional Bible study.
You can either read the Lesson or watch the video. To take notes either print out the Lesson, follow along in the book, or use a separate piece of paper to write out the answers to the questions below.
"How to Read a Book" (Lesson 7)
Noel's experience trying to adapt to the workload in school is an example that illustrates how effective it is to follow your Desire when you have to negotiate conflicting requirements in your life. So, it is best to nurture and follow your Desire to read the Bible. It gives you the best chance to successfully negotiate your demanding schedule and make your time with God possible.
Desire Killer: Deceitful Desires (Lesson 8 & 9)
A Deceitful Desire is a Desire that promises fulfillment but does not deliver. Many normal things can turn into Deceitful Desires like shopping, eating, traveling, TV, or work. When it appears that following these things will bring you fulfillment or satisfaction, the Desire has turned into a Deceitful Desire. Whenever you put effort toward a Deceitful Desire your Desire for God is suppressed.
If you have ever wondered what happened to all the furvor for God you used to have, the chances are good that it was suppressed by a Desire Killer.
Alternative to Deceitful Desires (Lesson 10)
Deceitful Desires are like an antiseptic. But antiseptics wear off. God doesn't want you to be hiding from your problems. He wants you to find the comfort He provides as you sort your way through your challenges.
What Do You Want? (Lesson 11)
The whole issue comes down to this--What do you want? Pondering the following 7 questions can help you get in touch with your Desire for God.
  1. Do I want to know God?
  2. How do I want my life to be?
  3. Do I want to do His will for my life?
  4. Do I want to please God?
  5. Do I want to know His heart and what He cares about?
  6. Would I prefer my independence over His will and way?
  7. It might change my priorities. What do I really want?
Skill Time: 4-Step Bible Study (example 2)
I would like you to go through all of the steps--Facts, Lessons, Challenges, and Response--to study the passage below. If you want to compare your answers with ours, take a look at the video.
Hebrews 11:8 By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going.
Hebrews 11:9 By faith he lived as an alien in the land of promise, as in a foreign [land,] dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, fellow heirs of the same promise;
Hebrews 11:11 By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised. (NASB)
Step 1: Facts ~ What do you see in the passage?

Step 2: Lessons ~ What can you learn from the passage?

Step 3: Challenges ~ Restate each Lesson as a question that challenges you

Step 4: Response ~ Write out how you respond to what God is saying to you

This is the last lesson in WAVE101. The next lesson is the first lesson in WAVE102. In that lesson, Denise will explain how transformation begins with our thinking and I'll give you some extra help with Step 2 Finding Lessons.

If you are stuck, reply to this email and ask a question.


Skill Time: Bible Passage (Your list can be different and shorter. More are presented here to help you get the idea.)


  • There's something important about faith "by faith..."
  • Abraham related to God by faith
  • Abraham obeyed God
  • Abraham didn't know where he was going
  • Abraham was uncomfortable obeying God
  • Abraham was looking for the city
  • Sarah conceived in her old age
  • Sarah conceived because she believed God was faithful


  • It is important to relate to God by faith
  • Sometimes we won't be comfortable when we are following God
  • When we pray we should consider God faithful to keep promises to us


  • Do I believe that God is really there and listening when I pray?
  • Am I willing to feel different (or uncomfortable) because I am following God?
  • Do I believe God is going to keep His promises to take care of me?


  • Father, thank you for Your Bible that tells me You're there. I believe You are there. But help me to believe like Abraham and Sarah.
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