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WAVE101 ~ Lesson 11: What Do You Want for Your Life? (video)
Hi, this is Noel. Today Denise is going to give you the first real concrete steps for resurrecting your Desire for God and I will give you the 1st full example of 4-Step Bible study.
You can either read the Lesson or watch the video. To take notes either print out the Lesson, follow along in the book, or use a separate piece of paper to write out the answers to the questions below.
What Do You Want?
But, how can we find our Desire for God? I [D] found my Desire for God by pondering the following seven questions for a few moments each day over the course of a few months.
  1. Do I want to know God?
  2. How do I want my life to be?
  3. Do I want to do His will for my life?
  4. Do I want to please God?
  5. Do I want to know His heart and what He cares about?
  6. Would I prefer my independence over His will and way?
  7. It might change my priorities. What do I really want?
Answering these questions for yourself is a very helpful way to surface your Desire for God. Be honest as you answer them. See where you hesitate. Notice your reactions. This is like taking your spiritual temperature.
You don't have to tell anyone which questions made you uncomfortable. Although if you did, you would find you are not alone, and that is always encouraging for both people.
Being honest with yourself will enable you to see where you are hesitating. Do you have trouble with the questions that encourage you to know God and please Him? Or is your hesitation more centered around giving up your independence in exchange for His guidance? Are you worried that He will ruin your life if you give it to Him?
Noticing where you hesitate gives you valuable information. If your Christian walk sputters unevenly along, knowing where you might be stuck will help you know where to put your effort to smooth things out.
7. Answering honestly helps you see where you are

If you don't face your hesitations squarely, you may wonder why you are always stepping on the gas then putting on the brake in your walk with Christ.
Ultimately, facing our hesitations squarely and addressing them, gives us the ability to put our foot on the gas and keep it there. God has given His children a Desire for Him. Our job is to nurture that Desire so it grows.
8. Facing your hesitations helps you know where to place your

Skill Time: 4-Step Bible Study (example 1)
Here is the 1st passage I would like you to go through all the steps--Facts, Lessons, Challenges, and Response. If you want to compare what you come up with against what we came up with, take a look at the video.
Psalm 124:8 Our help is in the name of the LORD, Who made heaven and earth (NASB)
Step 1: Facts ~ What do you see in the passage?

Step 2: Lessons ~ What can you learn from the passage?

Step 3: Challenges ~ Restate each Lesson as a question that challenges you

Step 4: Response ~ Write out how you respond to what God is saying to you

Watch the video or check the answers below to compare what you get with what we get from the passage.
Next time, we'll go over this assignment. Also, Denise will summarize how to surface your Desire for God.

If you are stuck, reply to this email and ask a question.


Fill ins

  1. Spiritually
  2. Effort

Skill Time: Bible Passage (Your list can be different and shorter. More are presented here to help you get the idea.)


  • He is talking about our help
  • Our help is in the LORD
  • God made heaven and earth


  • God is the one that provides the help


  • Do I recognize that all my help is coming from God?


  • Father, thank you for being so strong to create the entire universe and for being the One behind all the help I receive. Help me to see everything that helps me as ultimately coming from You.
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The Lesson is taken from How to Read the Bible So God Speaks to You , by Drs. Noel and Denise Enete, Wave Study Bible, 2010, 293pp.
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