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WAVE101 ~ Lesson 8: How to identify Desire Killers (video)
Hi, this is Noel. Today Denise is going to go over the first Desire Killer--Deceitful Desires and I will give some more help with and example how to Find the Lessons in a passage.
You can either read the Lesson or watch the video. To take notes either print out the Lesson, follow along in the book, or use a separate piece of paper to write out the answers to the questions below.
Desire Killer: Deceitful Desires
As seen in Chapter 1, God wants us to surface our Desire for Him and follow it. But as we do, He is careful to warn us about influences that can undermine our Desire.
We are warned about the first Desire Killer in Ephesians 4:22-23.
Ephesians 4:22-23 You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; (NIV)
What are Deceitful Desires? Deceit is the misrepresentation of truth, that is, a lie. But how could a Desire be a lie?
1. Deceit means

A Desire lies when it promises fulfillment but does not deliver. When a Desire says that you will be fulfilled if you just go shopping, eating, traveling, gambling, exercising, sleeping, watching TV, playing sports, buying gadgets, reading romance novels, or burying yourself in work, that is a Deceitful Desire. When a Desire promises fulfillment but does not deliver, it is Deceitful.
2. A Deceitful Desire is a Desire that promises fulfillment but

When I [D] feel empty or bored, my Deceitful Desire of choice is shopping. I think if I just go shopping, I'll feel better. I'll feel some success, because I'll get a cute outfit. I won't torch the budget, and will have succeeded at something. I'll be a good shopper with good taste (and I do feel better for awhile). However, this is a Deceitful Desire for me because at the end of my life I won't look back and decide my life had meaning because I got a lot of cute outfits.
Following Deceitful Desires is like taking emotional anesthesia. It numbs your pain for a while, but like anesthesia, it wears off. If we keep running to the refrigerator, the mall, or the TV for comfort, we never develop the path to God for comfort.
3. If we keep fulfilling Deceitful Desires, we never develop


for comfort.
Skill Time: Finding the Lessons, Example 2
To find a Lesson, sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself what you find unusual or what stands out to you in the passage. Then figure out a way to express that and see if you can learn something from it. If so, you have found a Lesson and write it in the Lessons panel.
13. To find a Lesson ask yourself what in the passage is the most

14. Then figure out how to express it and see if you can

Think about the Facts you surfaced in the last step and make a guess or two about what could be learned from this current passage and write it in the Lessons panel on the next page.
This can be the trickiest of the Four Steps in Bible study so be patient with yourself and just give it your best guess. We will have more to say about the Lessons step in Chapter 3 but for now, look at the Facts and write out your best guess or two in the Lessons panel.
Here is some more practice with the first 2 Steps in Bible study. Read the passage below and write out what you see (Step 1: Facts) in the space provided, then see if you can find and write down something you can learn (Step 2: Lessons) from the passage.
Genesis 12:1 Now the LORD said to Abram, "Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father's house, To the land which I will show you; (NASB)
Step 1: Facts ~ What do you see in the passage?





Step 2: Lessons ~ What can you learn from the passage?


Watch the video or check the answers below to compare what you get with what we get from the passage.
Next time, Denise will talk about when a Desire becomes Deceitful and I'll introduce Step 3 in devotional Bible study--Finding the Challenges.

If you are stuck, reply to this email and ask a question.


Fill ins

  1. A lie
  2. Does not deliver
  3. The path to God for comfort

Skill Time: Fill ins

  1. Unusual to you
  2. Learn something from it

Skill Time: Bible Passage (Your list can be different and shorter. More are presented here to help you get the idea.)


  • God was talking to Abram
  • God told Abram to go
  • He had to leave his family and all that was familiar
  • God did not tell him where to go


  • Sometimes God asks us to leave our comfort zone
  • Sometimes God asks us to take action without having all the information
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