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How to Read the Bible
So God Speaks to You

This is our complete treatment on how to study the Bible and how to enjoy it so you keep showing up.

This is designed for the person who wants to get right into the Bible and wants to avoid the frustration of figuring it out on their own. Each chapter improves your Bible study skill and motivation. There is one assignment in each chapter that takes you through a study of Abraham. Our Bible study courses are taken from this book but the book has it all.

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Table of Contents



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Learning to See
4-Step Bible Study Method
Finding the Lessons
Answering Your Questions
Transformation by Imitation
Finding the Time
Designing a Time with God
Bible Study Tools
Desire and Discipline
Surfacing Your Desire
Renewing Your Mind
Walking Toward the Help
Removing Thorns
Stretching Your Comfort Zone
Aligning Your Prayers
Pacing Your Growth


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Hebrews 11:8-11
Romans 4:13-14, 18-20
Galatians 3:6-9, 16, 29
Genesis 12:1-5
Genesis 12:6-8
Genesis 12:9-20


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Answers to the Assignments
How Well Do You See?
Reminder Card
Bible Study on the Computer
More About the Authors
Chapter 1: Healthy Bible reading involves both Desire and Discipline but it is very important which one you lead with. Bible reading is not the same as doing a homework assignment in school. Usually the objective in school homework is to acquire some information. But the objective in reading the Bible is to enrich your relationship with God and be transformed. Discipline is sufficient motivation to acquire facts, but not to change a heart.

Chapter 2: This is the step where you simply list what you see. These are the Facts of the passage. It is OK to use the same words the passage uses when you write out the Facts. You are just writing short phrases that identify what you see. Be careful not to decide, either way, about whether you understand the passage or not. Rather, withhold judgement and continue to identify things you see.

Chapter 3: A test of thinking... What miracle in your life are you thinking is a disaster? Jesus’ death on the cross looked like a huge disaster. Jesus came to be the king of the Israelites but they killed Him. It looked like a failure. Looks can be deceiving. What looked like a failure was actually the biggest victory in the history of mankind.

Chapter 3: Keep in mind that every passage in the Bible is written by two authors and is written for two different recipients. The two authors of any Bible passage are God and the human author. The human author of the passage might be someone like Paul, John, or Moses—whoever wrote that particular Bible book. The first of the two recipients are the ancient people, like the church at Ephesus or the Christians in Rome. We are the second recipients of every Bible passage.

Chapter 5: Your family of origin experiences can effect how you understand the Bible... But the antidote for much of family of origin issues is to get to know God. He is your new Parent and is very reasonable and kind. The better you know Him and replace old patterns with patterns consistent with what God is like, the less your background will contaminate your present life.

Chapter 5: Imitation is the simplest and most natural way for any of us to learn. It transcends words. You just watch somebody doing something then go and try it yourself... As we experience time focusing on God, something special happens. Whenever we focus on a person for a period of time, we start becoming like them. This is called the process of Imitation. You become like the person you watch.

Chapter 6: It looks like our schedules are completely unchangeable. We have worked so hard to get our schedules to work as poorly as they do, we don’t want to risk making things worse. This kind of thinking is a problem because when you think like this you tend to rule out possible time slots without giving the necessary thought to what might be possible.

Chapter 7: The first description of effective petitioning urges us to focus on God’s Promises. Don’t pray the problems. Pray the Promises.

Chapter 8: Often it takes humility to admit the true level of your Desire for God and start there. There is a temptation to worry that you should be further along. But keep in mind that our walk with God is not about us--our performance or our power.
"Their approach opened the Bible to me in ways I never thought possible. They will never know what this means to me. I can’t wait to learn how to teach this."
Michael Rembis

"Their approach is so simple and systematic; I wish I would have discovered it years ago."
John Migeot

"It is hard to find curriculum that will minister to both the young Christian and the seasoned
follower, but they have accomplished just that."

Veronica Wright

"I loved How to Read the Bible So God Speaks to You because it wasn’t a set of rules or systems, rather it led me through a journey of getting to know the Lord more. It helped to fan that flame of desire!"
Erica Norton

"My small group did How to Read the Bible So God Speaks to You. It was a huge period of growth for us all. I hole heartedly recommend the study."
Lisa McPartland
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Are you ready to learn how to study the Bible? God has done His part by revealing His truth and seeing that you have a copy. Will you take that step?



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