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Who We Are
God called Denise and me into the ministry early in our married life. So we set out to Bible college and Seminary and received an excellent academic preparation for the ministry. Then God, through events that are explained in more detail in our main book's Appendix, led us to the "backside of the desert" for the rest of our preparation. Now we know how Moses and Paul felt when they were led through similar circumstances. Then around the year 2000 God brought all the movements of our life together into this focus: to help people study the Bible and develop their devotional times with Him. Though it was confusing on the "backside of the desert," we can now see how God was carefully preparing us to be effective in this current ministry.
What We Believe
We were saved in a Baptist church, went to a Baptist Bible college, and to a conservative non-denominational seminary (cf. Who We Are). We believe in the fundamentals of the faith. Our ministry is not joined to a particular denomination but is centered on the Bible. If you want to learn how to study the Bible, we are here to help. Though we don't state it precisely very often, we believe in the normal, literal interpretation of the Bible that takes into account the author's purpose and historical situation. We don't state it very often because it is common sense. This is how most people interpret everything. To interpret statements or stories in the Bible as figurative when the author gives no hint that it should be interpreted figuratively is trying too hard and not what God intends.
Mail bag
In case you want to get a sense for the kinds of things people are asking and how we answer them, this page gives you some exposure along those lines.
Denise and I work on this ministry full-time in Carlsbad, California in the Pacific time zone. If you have a suggestion or want to let us know that something we said has helped you, we would love to hear from you. We are happy to assist in any way we can. It is easiest to reach us electronically...
  • You can click on the ASK US tab that is on the left side of each web page and write your feedback on the form that comes up. It will be sent to us and we'll respond asap (make sure you type your email address correctly so we can get back to you).
  • You can email us at support - at - wavestudybible.com. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your question and we will be in touch asap.
  • At the very bottom of every web page is a small link to Contact Us. You can click that link and a new email document will pop up that has been addressed and is ready for you to enter your feedback. When you send it to us we'll respond asap.
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