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WAVE Study Bible

WAVE Bible is a simple and intuitive Bible reader for iPhone. Swipe to switch between English translations and original languages. Tap a Greek word to display its meaning and parsing. Wave is all about making it easy for the average person to read and understand the Bible.

"I downloaded nearly every Bible in the app store, and WAVE Study Bible is the best. I use it all the time."
Nick Wethey

"Its free, very fast, has a Greek Bible, and you can tap on a Greek word and get a small word study. This is an awesome feature. I haven't seen it in any other Bible app."
iTunes Review by Srcii

"I've looked at the other apps available but none of them are as easy as WAVE to swipe to switch translations (especially English to Greek), tap for dictionary/parsing on the Greek, or have as pretty colors :) WAVE's intuitive simplicity sets it apart from the rest."
David Papp

"I tell my friends to get an iPhone
just for this app."
Father Paul Waisanen Greek Orthodox Pastor

Included Translations
GNT: Greek New Testament (free)
KJV: King James Version (free)
NET: New English Translation (free)
GW: GOD'S WORD Translation (free)

Available for Purchase
NASB: New American Standard Bible ($14.99)
NKJV: New King James Version ($14.99)
NIV: New International Version ($14.99)
NIrV: New International Readers Ver ($14.99)
MSG: The Message ($14.99)

Available for Purchase in Next Release (Spring 2014)
ESV: English Standard Version ($14.99)
NLT: New Living Translation ($14.99)
BHS: Hebrew Old Testament ($14.99)

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WAVE Study Bible
Free from iTunes App Store

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How to Study the Bible (Lessons)
"I loved how simple the quiet time course is for anyone - at any stage in their walk…
...I finished feeling inspired & equipped – not guilty for my lack of discipline or inconsistency - but challenged for deepening my time with God!"

Shelly Antol

"It is hard to find curriculum that will minister to both the young Christian and the seasoned follower, but Noel and Denise have accomplished just that."
Veronica Wright

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How to Study the Bible (Books)
"I have gone through this process with my own small group and watched as even very new Christians in the group grew wide-eyed at what God was revealing through using the 4-Step Bible study process.

"I wholeheartedly recommend these materials, no matter where you are on your walk with Christ. These are essential in every believer’s library."

Ron Wilbur
Pastor on the Spiritual Maturity Team
Saddleback Church,
Lake Forrest, CA

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